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What You Can Buy With $5

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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This morning I sold a mat I no longer needed on Gumtree for $5. Big deal, I have an extra $5 in my purse. What can you buy with that these days? A mugaccino? Actually, you can do quite a lot with $5.

$5 note
Image by Marie Vonow

1. Save it
You can put your $5 into a jar with other little bits of money and save up for something special to you. This could be -
a day out
a meal out
a massage
a special item of clothing
something useful that doesn't fit into your budget
a ridiculous splurge you can't justify
something for a hobby

2. Go to a thrift shop
There are wonderful bargains to be found at thrift shops. The other day I was visiting a neighbouring town and found a lovely long sleeved tunic for $3. It will coordinate with numerous items in my wardrobe and I love the style. I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear it.

$5 note
Image by Marie Vonow

3. Go to a garage sale
The prices at garage sales vary a great deal. There are some fantastic bargains to be had especially towards pack up time.

4. Buy second hand magazines
It is quite possible you will be able to buy a whole box of magazines at a garage sale for $5 or less. I have even scored a box of assorted magazines free at the end of a garage sale.

Thrift shops may sell magazines for as little as 10c or 20c each or sell a bundle for $1. Recently I bought a bundle of 10 gardening magazines for $1. I intend getting good value out of them.

I love gardening and enjoy browsing gardening magazines.

I may cut out articles of ongoing interest and paste them in a scrapbook.

I could use pictures to decorate an old piece of furniture which has seen better days.

$5 note
I pasted pictures from gardening magazines onto an old chest of drawers using PVA glue. I painted over the pictures with clear polyurethane and repainted the handles with some copper coloured paint. Image by Marie Vonow

Sometimes I attend a produce swap group where people bring along fruit, vegetables, free range eggs, egg cartons, jars, cuttings, seeds, bulbs, gardening magazines and the like to swap. I can swap the magazines after I have read them (but not the ones I have cut up).

5. Buy bargain fruit and vegetables
My favourite place for buying fruit and vegies is a train ride away but I can often travel for free with my Seniors Card. The prices vary but specials within the last six months have included -
pumpkin 59c a kg
avocados 79c ea
kiwi fruit 20c ea
pink lady apples 89c a kg
granny smith apples 99c a kg
mushrooms $4.99 a kg
brown onions 79c a kg

Fruit and vegetables
Image courtesy of Pixabay

6. Visit a clearance store
Next door to the fruit and vegie shop mentioned above is a Rite Price store.

Whilst some of the goods here are the same price as a standard supermarket I have picked up some great bargains such as
fruit and oats Ryvita for 29c a packet
Easiyo yoghurt powder for 99c a packet
Dozen eggs for $2
1 kg powdered milk for $3.95
75ml tube hand cream for 50c

7. Donate to charity
You might decide to donate your $5. In some Third World Countries people live on $1 or $2 a day or less. Even a small donation can make a difference. Donating makes the giver feel good too.

Five dollars may not seem like much, hardly worth the effort of putting an ad on Gumtree, but it is possible to do quite a lot with it.

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