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Uses of Biofuels | Will I Save Money Using E10 Fuel

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Biofuels have been in existence since the beginning of creation. You might even be surprised - the original diesel engine was initially designed to use vegetable oil. Biofuel has had its ups and downs through time, but it began to gain popularity during the 1970s energy crisis. The latest surge in biofuel demand was in the 1990s as a result of the stringent emission standards as well as the increase in demand for an enhanced fuel economy. Currently, most countries are struggling to incorporate biofuel into their energy systems. The efforts, however, are promising since there is a lot being done to take advantage of the uses of biofuels and reduce the use of fossil fuel.


Ethanol is combined with gasoline to reduce emissions and improve octane while biodiesel is combined with petroleum-based diesel to improve engine life and reduce emissions. Those are just but a few of the benefits of biofuel; more details on the benefits is discussed later on in this text to demonstrate how it saves money in your pocket.

Why Should We Use Biofuels?

The world is currently experiencing problems with the drop in the fossil fuel and the risk of depleting fossil fuels is imminent. There are also concerns about the effects of the fossil fuels on the environment and this is the major problem. Coal and oil as the main culprits among other fossil fuels release harmful products to the environment.

Unburnt carbon particles from carbon fuels such as coal and petroleum pollute the environment and can lead to respiratory diseases. When such fuels are not burnt completely, they also fill the atmosphere with carbon monoxide gas and complete combustion releases carbon dioxide which is a notorious greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. Burning the fossils like diesel and coal also lead to the emission of sulphur dioxide gas which is extremely corrosive. Petrol releases nitrogen oxides which dissolves in rainwater and results in acid rain which is harmful to animals, plants and monuments among other things.


All these problems need solutions or at least, need to be controlled. The use of biofuels is plant-based hence offers the best option when it comes to solving most of the energy problems. Here are the main reasons why we should consider using biofuels.

Being easy to produce, it will enable smaller manufacturers and individuals to produce hence increasing competition and leading to better prices and other benefits to the consumer.
Biodiesel and pure ethanol are safer than fossil fuels since they do not release harmful substances into the environment.
Biofuels are easily renewable since they are extracted from plants.
It can be produced at affordable costs hence making it cheaper than fossil fuel.

Availability Of Biodiesel In Australia

Biofuel in Australia is available as both ethanol fuel and biodiesel and is produced from grains, sorghum or sugarcane. The production of biofuel has been a controversial topic due to the effects of using plants as the source. Its production was mainly hindered due to the fact that farm crops would be overexploited and lead to food depletion, but things have changed.

Ethanol Technologies Limited (Ethtec) has been able to prove that crop waste can be used to produce ethanol. This sustainable technology has drawn the attention of many which led to an $11.9 million funding from the Federal Government for its groundbreaking process. The project is estimated to cost $48 million dollars in addition to $30 million for a purpose-built pilot facility which is estimated to be able to deliver 270,000 litres of biofuel every year. This project also aims at making the technology accessible to the commercial markets in five years' time.


What is E10 Fuel?

As the use of ethanol takes root in Australia, it still has to be consumed with moderation. In Queensland, the government put in place an ethanol directive in January 2017 demanding fuel retailers to ensure that 3% of the petrol they sell each quarter were based on biofuel. However, the level of biofuel (ethanol) in the unleaded petrol and ethanol blend has to be 10% of ethanol and 90% of unleaded petrol. This is what is referred to as the E10 fuel. Learn more about E10 fuel and how it affects vehicle performance here.

Will I Save Money Using E10 Fuel?

E10 is a popular biofuel in the UK. Biofuel, in general, is preferable to diesel and petrol because of its lower carbon fuel emissions. It is also viewed as a future option as diesel and petrol get depleted or become of less value. This is because it can be easily renewed and is more sustainable. All these benefits and others keep most people wondering whether using e10 fuel will actually save them money. The fact is that relying on biofuel will save you money.


How E10 Fuel Will Save you Money

First, your road tax will be low. Road tax currently depends on the levels of fuel emissions. A car running on biofuels will have lower carbon emissions hence lower taxes on road and company taxes. Secondly, biofuels are increasingly becoming readily available and hence expected to be cheaper than diesel and petrol. The cost of producing biofuels is relatively cheaper compared to diesel and petrol and it has the potential to increase its production through individuals and small companies. This will make it readily available in large quantities hence providing a competitive market for the consumer.


E10 Fuel Compatible Cars

You need to know that cars with diesel engines are compatible with biofuels although the feasibility of using the biofuels on other manufacturer`s car engines is still questionable. This is the reason why most motoring experts suggest combining the biofuels with diesel fuel. Mostly 95% petroleum and 5% biofuel is currently in use.

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