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Tips To Prevent Blockage In Storm Water Drains

by marym (follow)
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The storm water drains of your home are probably the last thing that one thinks about, until and unless they are blocked and start causing several problems. This should be avoided by taking essential precautions and steps that will not only prevent the blockage in drains but at the same time will sustain the durability of the system.

Storm Water Drains

The question that arises here is "how can blockage of the drains be prevented" or "what are the appropriate measures that you need to take to ensure that the drains do not get clogged repeatedly". Though this might sound like a challenging task, but it does not have to be so.

There are only a few tips and tricks to look after which will ensure that the drain remains protected and free from blockages for a long period of time. Wondering what these tips are, read on to find out more!

Save Your Storm Water Drains From Frequent Blockages

Storm Water Drains

There are 7 simple tips that can be followed to prevent clogging of storm water drains and these are:

1. Perform a spot check: The first step is to perform a quick spot check at least once in every two weeks to examine whether there is formation of any sort of buildup or debris within the system. If you find them then do make sure to remove them completely, because over time the debris (leaf, sand, dirt or dust) would decay and block the path of water. This can lead to many problems such as slow system, water damage and expensive repairs.

2. Install gutter guards: If you haven't installed the gutter guards yet then the time has come to do so. This is because these guards can prevent 90% of dry leaves, sticks, sand and other items that may fall into the system. Hence, it aids the performance of the drain and ensures that the water flow remains at its peak.

3. Install filters for fine materials: Often it is seen that a large portion of the water drains are exposed to pavers or other concrete paths. Due to this the fine dust particles enter into the system and tend to form a buildup with time. With the installation of filters, these fine particles can be removed from the water allowing it to flow across the pipes effectively.

4. Clean draining lines at once: When you find that the pipeline of the system is draining then clean the water at once, as this will take less time when done immediately. Moreover, it can help you in determining what the problem could have been, so that you can fix it and ensure that it does not happen again.

5. Hydro-jet the storm water drains: Going for hydro-jet at least once a year can be extremely beneficial for the storm water drains. In this technique water at a high pressure is injected into the system to remove any sort of buildup or debris in a seamless manner. This keeps the system protected from leaks or clogs.

6. Monitor what gets into the drains: Once you know that your drain is all-clean then the next step is to monitor whatever enters into the drain. Now, when you find that hair, dust or other debris are often exposed to the path of water then you must consider removing them so that later it does not affect the overall quality of the drainage system.

7. Never ignore blockages for a long period of time: Another preventive measure is to address the drain problems right at the moment when they occur. If you keep on ignoring them this can trigger serious issues and lead to potential damages too.

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