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Tips to Clean a Blocked Bathroom Drain With the Most Effective Ways

by aurth (follow)
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When the bathroom sink takes a little longer to drain it is a sign of clogging. There are many similar types of signs and symptoms which will help you know that the drain is blocked and you need to look for the best methods to get it right. There are various symptoms like gurgling sounds, stinking smell and black and dirty water flow from the taps and the pipes, which indicate that you need to clean the blocked bathroom drain. There are household tips, but it is better to call in the professionals to get your drain cleaned in the best possible manner. Dealing with this quickly will be essential and therefore picking on the right methods should be your priority.

Removing excess hair and soap will be one solution but you need to know that it is something very temporary. You will have to look for an all time solution so that you do not face this kind of a problem in future.

Steps To Follow If You Want To Get Rid Of a Blocked Bathroom Drain

1.) Use a Drain Claw:
Remove the strainer in the bathroom and check if there are hairs and soap leftovers that are stuck. This is common because not everyone has the habit of cleaning the strainer every day after bath. Some will be easy to remove whereas a few will have screws. When you are removing these it is necessary to be careful so that you avoid breakdowns.

2.) Pour Boiling Water:
The soap and grease will break down when you start pouring hot water into the drain. This method can be used by yourself and you will not require any professional help for the same. This will partially clear the blockage and the rest can be cleaned by immixing some detergent or a bathroom cleaning chemical which you have.

3.) Vinegar and Baking Soda:
This is one natural alternative to all the chemicals which are used regularly by many individuals to clean blocked bathroom drain. First, pour a cup of baking soda into the drain and then let it rest for a few minutes. After some time, pour a cup of vinegar without mixing any water to it. However, it is better not to use vinegar and baking soda in excess as they might corrode the sides of the drain and the bathroom pipes. So you can just hire the drain cleaning professionals who can help you out to clear the clogged bathroom pipes.

4.) Bent Wire Hanger:
This is one sure method which can help you clean blocked bathroom drain. Take a regular wire coat hanger and straighten it so that you can insert the same into the drain. Bend one end a little so that it can clear the clog. Once you are ready with this equipment you should put it down the drain and start fishing. You will be able to pull out all the extras which are stopping the water flow.

There are also a few other methods which you can take help of and perform this cleaning process all by yourself. But if you are not comfortable and do not wish to try your hands on this, you can hire professional services. Along with the tools and the drain cleaning snakes and the drain cameras, the professionals must also have years of experience and they must also show you the sample works that they have already done. They will charge you with some fees but then will provide you with sure solutions for the same. With this, you can be sure that this type of problem will not occur again in near future.

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