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Things to Consider for Obtaining the Best Evaporative Cooler

by melis (follow)
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Evaporative cooler has become a common necessity today to beat the heat especially during hot summers. Evaporative coolers are popularly known as Swamp Coolers, which are highly economic and environmental friendly. There are many types of swamp coolers available today. They have been classified into different types based on multiple factors like size, capacity etc. So it is necessary to list out your requirements before buying. This will help you to buy the best evaporative cooler satisfying all your needs. These are some key points you should consider before buying an evaporative cooler:

What are the most important factors to consider before you install an evaporative cooler in your home?

Evaporative Cooler
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First, ask yourself whether you need an air cooler for your room. I mean make sure that your room has enough ventilation to pull out air from outside.

Keep check on room dimensions. So that you can decide the capacity of the evaporative cooler matching your requirement.

Now make sure about availability of space where you want to place the cooler. Based on that, you can go for different sizes.

Sometimes capacity becomes the deciding factor for size. If capacity is more the size will be more. Sometimes, even if the capacity is high it will be available in small size. Based on your capacity and space requirements, choose the best evaporative cooler.

Choose from various companies depending on the size and the price range of the coolers.

As there are many companies offering evaporative coolers, choose relevant coolers based on popularity, price and your requirement factors.

Now, the next deciding factor is type of filter. Yes, you should be sure before choosing a cooler.

In general, evaporative cooler will have a filter which collects dust present in air, debris and any other particles present in air.

There are two different types of pads which are in use. They are classified based on the type of material used in them. In general, one pad type is made up of wood wool and the other one is made up of honey comb pad which is highly rigid.

It is important to choose the components of the cooler wisely.

You can choose filters based on this classification. In general, it is fact that fiber pads require more maintenance. Moreover, it requires frequent replacement. So it is best to choose wood wool pads.

Fiber pads are inexpensive but require frequent replacement so it is best to go for wood wool pad type filters.

Next deciding factor is maintenance. Make sure that you obtain an evaporative cooler which has low maintenance so that it is easy to maintain.

Evaporative coolers require very less annual maintenance.

In general, most of the evaporative coolers require less maintenance. Hardly, they need to be cleaned once in a month.

It is recommended to buy an evaporative cooler which is easy to maintain. It is better to go for coolers having low and easy maintenance, rather than buying evaporative coolers which require professional cleanup all the time.

Next is the cost factor that comes in this list. Make sure that you do enough research before going to buy an evaporative cooler. Do enough research based on popularity, brand, cost, warranty and guaranty factors?

All these listed out factors will definitely help you to choose the best evaporative cooler for your home or workplace. It is suggestible to browse both online and offline to know the exact features available in an evaporative cooler. It will be helpful even in case of price. Sometimes, price varies from outlet to outlet so do check once before buying to avail best buy.

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