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The philosophical reason you can't get ahead financially

by erin. (follow)
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It's time to stop the vicious cycle

Always complaining to your inner self that you never have enough money? You probably say it a fair bit to your outside self too.

Are you aware that you could be seriously harming yourself by doing this?

Repeating over and over that you can’t afford something or saying things like “I’m broke” is setting yourself up to fail.

Think about it, if someone else said to you all the time that they had no money, you would believe them right? It’s not like you would look up what cash they had in their savings account, or spoke to their bank manager to see if they had any loans.Your belief of their situation was just based on what was said rather than facts.

Now I’m not saying go and spy on your friends just to make sure they are telling the truth (that would be totally creepy and probably leaning towards being in the “unfriended” department.) What I am actually saying is you need to listen to what you are saying to own inner voice and just stop being so damn mean to yourself.

Ok I can already hear a lot of you saying “Oh sure, it’s that easy is it? Just believe you have the money and it comes out of nowhere to pay the bills hey?”

Of course it does! It also flies in on a beautiful white pegasus unicorn while pink glitter falls from the sky.

I'm kidding.

The thing is, as hard as it may be for some people to believe, changing your outlook on your situation first, can have amazing consequences. It can allow you to discover opportunities which then lead you to solutions when it comes to getting, saving more money and managing it effectively.

Try and look at it from another perspective. This story isn’t word for word for how I first heard it but I haven’t been able to locate the original version so you can have my version, but with the same message.

Mary was trapped on a small island with no food or water. A fisherman saw her and offered to take her home.

“No thanks,” she said. “God will save me.”

The fisherman left and Mary stayed on the island. The tide began to rise making the island much smaller. A helicopter passed over and threw Mary a rope.

“No thanks.” She said. “God will save me.”

Over the next few hours the tide rose so high that even though Mary was at the highest point of the island, the water was still lapping at her feet. A dolphin passed her and beckoned her to hop on it’s back.

“No thanks.” She said. “God will save me.”

The dolphin left and sure enough the tide rose so high it covered what was left of the island and Mary drowned.

God shook his head. “Silly girl, I sent her a boat , a helicopter and even sent her a damn dolphin and she still couldn’t save herself”

So here is the moral of the story if you haven’t worked it out for yourself. Mary believed that the answer to her problems was coming in a specific form. She was blind to the opportunities surrounding her to change her situation and because of that, she failed,or in this case died...oops

Don’t be swayed into thinking that there is only one way to solve your problems. Better job, more money, longer days, leaving your partner....

Have a think about people who do what seems the impossible under stressful circumstances like the mothers who can suddenly lift cars that their child is under. There is no way they normally get around the streets power lifting vehicles do they? It’s a case of having no other choice. Because their need to have their child ok, is beyond the little voice in their head that says “No you can’t.” You need to think like them.

So instead of the negative self talk with the what ifs and the "It's all too hard" start asking yourself how you can afford it. What action you need to take to afford it and last of all why you deserve it. Thinking like this will open your eyes. Take it from someone who has known hardship when I say, if you want something bad enough, you will get it because for you, there is no other option.

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