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Ten Ways To Save Money On Children's Clothes

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Child's T-Shirt
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Children’s clothing can be expensive. Babies and toddlers grow so quickly and before you know it they need clothes in the next size. Fortunately there are ways to save money on clothes for youngsters and still have them well dressed.

1.Let friends with older children know you are happy to accept the clothes their children have outgrown. You can always give them something in return. Sometimes it may be children’s clothes in a different size. There was a gap of nearly nine years between my sons so I didn’t want to store clothes from the older one all that time. I would pass his outgrown clothes on to a friend whose boys were in between mine in age. She would hand on clothes from her second boy who was two years older than my younger child.

2.These days many items of quality children’s clothing are available second hand. Some places are cheaper than others so shop around and get to know where the best bargains are to be found and when. Stalls run by kindergartens, child care centres, schools and children’s sport groups are the most likely to have a good supply of children’s clothes.

3.Op shops have a good range of children’s clothing. Money made from selling items goes to help those in need. Some op shops have a designated day each week when customers who hold a concession card may get a percentage off. Some charities have different coloured tags and each week a particular colour tag is half price. Get to know how each op shop in your area works. Recently an op shop in my town was selling clothes at 3 for $1.

4.Second hand clothing can be washed in disinfectant and dried in the sun to get rid of any germs.

5.If you buy a cheap t-shirt from an op shop there is no need to stress if the garment gets stained or ripped. Surely it is more important children are allowed to be kids than that they are wearing immaculate designer outfits.

6.If a favourite item of clothing gets a stain which can’t be removed try covering it with appliqué or simple embroidery. Another possibility is to dye the item a darker colour.

7.Track pants which have elastic in the hem can be lengthened by cutting off the bottom and adding rib trim in a matching or contrasting colour. Striped rib trim can look effective. Here's a quick guide to for adjusting track suit pants so they fit.

8.When the end of season sales are held think about buying staple items such as t-shirts, windcheaters, track pants and shorts in basic colours one or two sizes bigger for the following year.

9.If you enjoy sewing, it can be satisfying to make clothes for your young children. You can also show your creativity. Sadly, this isn’t always cheaper than buying ready - made items. To save money on patterns buy multi sized ones which can be traced off and used many times over. Sometimes you can find these patterns at op shops or friends who no longer sew may have some they are willing to hand on to you.

10,Buy material at sales, from discount fabric stores, use remnants and ask friends to pass on fabric off cuts. Check out op shops for new fabric remnants. Sometimes you can cut down adult clothing if the material is still in good condition. At times you will find an adult item of clothing on a discount rack at an op shop. The material may be suitable for making into a piece of clothing for a toddler.

By accepting clothing from friends, buying from op shops, sewing and making clever use of the sales your children can be well dressed and have plenty of clothes.

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