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Saving With Specials And Marked Down Groceries

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Buying items on special or marked down can save money but think before you buy. They will only save you money if you actually use them.

Specials Catalogue, Receipt
Check the catalogues for sale items

Ten tips for saving with grocery items on special or marked down.

Check specials carefully. Sometimes you will find not all varieties of something are on special but it can look like they all are if you don’t check the details or price on the shelf carefully.

When you buy an item that has been marked down watch at the check out that you do get it at the reduced price.

Ask for a receipt. Many places don’t automatically give a receipt these days but without one you won’t be able to check how much you have been charged.

Always check your docket. Occasionally you will get charged the wrong price or twice for the one item. If you discover this when you get home you usually can’t be bothered going back to the store, or the cost of petrol will be more than the refund.

If you think you have been charged the wrong amount inquire politely. You may find the mistake was yours and it is so much easier to handle this if you were pleasant to start with.

If you are over charged there will be a store policy about rectifying the matter. If you bought 4 of the product and it is on special, usually you get the first one free and the other three at the special price. If it is marked down there may be a different policy.

Sometimes you can make excellent savings on marked down vegetables. Make up a big pot of soup and freeze what you don't use immediately.

Don’t buy stuff just because it is on special. Generally, only buy a product on special if you usually buy it. On the other hand you may find this is a good time to buy one of something you have been thinking about trying out.

If you are looking at the marked down items think about how much you are saving. Sometimes the mark down isn’t much and another brand or a generic variety may be cheaper.

Think about whether you really need that extra item when 2 for one specials are on offer

Sometimes there is a special price for buying 2 or more of a particular item. Think about whether you will actually use that much of the item. It is not a saving if you end up throwing some away because you don’t use it before the use by date. On the other hand stock piling some extra cans while they are on special can help your food budget in later weeks.

Getting to know the prices of those products you use regularly helps you recognise a true bargain when you see items on special or marked down. Careful purchase of these items can be a big help to your grocery budget.

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