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Saving Money With Generic Brand Groceries

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Many people on a tight budget use generic brands and often people who have higher incomes do too. Nielsen research claims these days about 25% of supermarket sales are generic products. Usually generic products are of the same quality as more expensive brand name products but you aren’t paying for pretty packaging or expensive advertising campaigns. It is up to each person which they choose. Personally, although I use a lot of generic products I haven’t found a generic coffee I enjoy. However, I must admit to being particularly fussy about coffee.

Here are five things to consider when buying generic products.
In some supermarkets you will find two or three different generic brands and they will vary in price for the same product. For example you may find three different generic brands of sugar, salt or self raising flour and they will each have a different price. I can’t taste any difference between brands with these products. It makes sense to me to compare prices and get the cheapest.
Sometimes the generic brand may suit you better than the well known brand. I had noticed wheat biscuits of the generic variety tasted different from a well known brand. When I compared the label information I found the difference is the generic type contains less sugar. This suits anyone trying to lower their sugar consumption. So, you are paying less for something that is better for you. Sounds like a double win to me.

Generic pain relievers are much cheaper than brand name equivalents. Compare the active ingredients listed on the box. Ask if there is a generic brand available when buying medications such as paracetamol liquid for children at the chemist.
There are times when the generic variety may be unsuitable for you. Your skin may react badly to soap, shower gel and washing powder unless these products are specifically made for sensitive skin or are fragrance free. Buying a product which is harmful to your skin is not an option. Likewise you may find 1 ply or rough feeling toilet paper unsuitable.
Sometimes a brand name product on special is cheaper than the generic equivalent. Check specials catalogues, know your prices and keep your eyes open.

Buying generic products has the potential to save you a considerable amount of money. Whether you are on a tight budget or are saving up for something, it is well worth thinking about using some of the generic products available.

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