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Save Money By Not Owning A Car

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Let me start by saying many people need a car. They may live where there is no public transport or the service is infrequent. They may be required to have a car to carry out their job. They, or others in the household may not be able to walk or not very far. They may need their own transport for safety reasons. The list goes on. However, for some, not having a car is a possibility and can save money.

Red car
Image courtesy of Pixabay

I live near good public transport in the form of trains and buses. I was in the habit of utilising both even before my 26 year old car went to the wreckers. I decided to see if I could manage without a car. Fifteen months later I can say I rarely miss it.

Saving money on car costs
I save money by not having to find money for:
car registration
car insurance
car servicing
oil and other fluids
car cleaning materials
replacing things like steering wheel cover, seat covers, mats etc

With the money saved I can afford the occasional taxi when I need to bring a large/heavy item home (rarely) or the weather is bad.

Image by Marie Vonow

Grocery shopping
I shop online once a fortnight and get my shopping delivered for free. Different supermarkets vary with their delivery costs but it is often possible to avoid a delivery fee. I have a shopping trolley/buggy/cart which I take to the Sunday market to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. I also use this when doing other shopping and visiting the library.

Shopping carts
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Free travel on public transport
Because I have a seniors card I can travel free on public transport on weekends and public holidays. On weekdays a seniors card entitles one to free travel except between 7am and 9.01am and 3pm and 7pm. A bit of planning means I rarely pay to travel on public transport.

Walking means I get exercise
I walk every day and get exercise without thinking about it. I do have to plan my day to avoid walking in the heat on summer days.

Other financial advantages of not having a car
Not having a car means:
I have garage space I could possibly rent out as storage space if I really needed extra money
I am more frugal. I don't make impulse purchases, especially not bigger or heavier items. For example I might see a block mounted print I like at one of the cheap shops but even if it is reduced I won't buy it because it is too awkward to get home unless I get a taxi
I plan my grocery shopping more carefully because if I forget something important I have to walk to the shops and carry it home
I do more bulk buying when ordering my groceries online so I don't run out of staple food items

Whilst living without a car certainly wouldn't be possible for many, it can save a substantial amount of money. (If you are prone to getting speeding tickets or parking fines you save even more.)

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