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Rewiring Your House and Finding the Right Electrician for your Home

by marym (follow)
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Complete electrical rewiring or even partial rewiring is needed for electrical systems when they are either outdated or have become unsafe, or even when there is wear and tear or damage. If complete rewiring is needed to be done, you should only entrust it to a professional electrician who is properly trained and licensed. The trained and experienced electrician will first inspect the entire electrical system and then evaluate the condition of it before offering the home owner a quote on the time period it will take to complete the project as well as the cost that will be involved. They will also be able to inform if complete electrical rewiring needs to be done or if partial rewiring will suffice.


Electric rewiring is a huge project and so it is necessary to first identify the problem correctly and then decide what should be the right course of action. If the electrical rewiring is not in compliance with the local as well as national norms of safety, there could be a considerable risk to the home and to the occupants as well as it could also cause liability issues.

The reasons for requiring electrical rewiring could be due to:

a) Power surges or a lightning strike
b) Destruction as a result of floods
c) Fires
d) Deterioration due to age
e) Insects, rodents or animals that have caused damage to the wiring
f) Old wiring which are unsafe such as knob and tube ones, aluminum wiring as well as wiring which is ungrounded.

The reasons why electrical rewiring may be needed in a home are:

a) Insurance companies will refuse insurance to properties that have any of these defects. If they do insure properties with this kind of wiring, they will charge a higher premium as there is more likelihood of electrical fires being caused.

b) Building regulations also apply to the wiring of really old homes. Therefore, if your home is more than 25 years old or if you are buying property which is more than 25 years old, you should check the wiring to ensure it is up to date.

The cost of electrical rewiring depends on a lot of factors, such as whether the house is vacant or occupied, where you live, how many rooms there are and other such factors.


When finding an electrician who will do the electrical rewiring, you need to ensure the following:

a) The electrician should come along with references where you can check on the quality of their work and also see the work for yourself. It is better to employ an electrician who has worked for a friend, family member or acquaintance. If you have found the electrician through a directory listing, you need to check references.

b) You need to also ensure that the electrician is not only registered but has qualifications to do the electrical rewiring as well.

c) You also need to ensure that the licenses are current.

d) You should ask the electrician as to where he or she was trained and check if they are registered with a recognized and trusted body. If they are accredited, that is even better.

e) The electrician should have public liability insurance and should show that to you before he or she starts the work. If this is not done and if anything goes wrong, there could be major repercussions.

f) You should also enquire if they have a warranty policy so that you are covered.

g) When the electrical rewiring has been completed, the electrician is needed to give you a certificate from the Building Control Local authorities. This will ensure that the work lives up to the building regulations as well as the safety norms.

Consider these factors and tips to choose the right electrician for your home’s electrical rewiring.

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