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Important Points of Flexible Rising Main- Flexible Riser for Water Supply Solution

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Water is penultimate in maintaining life. To meet our daily water needs Earth’s surface drilling and pumping up water from groundwater table, has become a common practise. To ensure optimal water supply, laying down correct water-load hoses becomes crucial. This is a key reason why people are looking for alternatives to conventional piping systems. Flexible rising main is a very contemporary form of water pipeline consisting of flexible riser pipes. These provide good water flow system in both shallow waters and deep water tables.

Flexible Rising Main
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What Flexible rising main means:

Electrically operated water pumping prolonged pipeline fabricated out of sturdy material like polyurethane used to serve the purpose of pumping water up from shallow water tables as well as deep water tables is referred to as riser pipes. The flexibility and light weightiness of the pipes make them popular as flexible risers. These are usually vertical water-load hoses made for water transport in an upward direction. Flexibility is one of its key properties which are highly essential for these hoses to serve their purposes. The flexible risers are used for both domestic consumption as well as commercial purposes.

Working principle of flexible riser hoses:

Flexible rising main finds its use especially in shallow water drilling. Shallow water transport requires strategic water drilling. Thus, riser pipe installation is done after drilling is over, so that the pipes can be in direct contact with the water supply. As the flexible risers reach the sub water levels they start water transport to the surface. Thus, these flexible riser pipes serve well as vertical water transport system. The key feature that makes these water load hoses so apt for vertical water transport is that these risers swiftly transport water from ground water table directly to water storage spaces.

Advantages of using riser pipes in vertical water transport:

flexible riser
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Corrosion resilient: Due to around the clock water exposure, water load hoses may get rusted or corroded. This may result in poisoning the water supply. This happens only when the riser pipes are made of cheap quality material. To avoid such circumstances Flexible rising main is mostly made up of non-corrosive high quality material. The polyurethane is extremely resilient to rusting and other corrosions.

Hassle free renewal: Flexible risers are very easy to renew and maintain. The maintenance process of water load hoses is time and labour efficient and completely hassle free. It ensures easy pipe renewals.

Can be cut into desired lengths: It is easy to cut flexible riser pipes per desired length. Not every water transport system requires same length of riser pipes. Flexible rising main can be cut into desired size and length easily.

Easy to transport: Riser pipes are usually extremely lightweight and thus can be carried to any place without any hassle or high cost. It is highly portable and thus easy to carry.

Hydrostatically balanced: The flexible risers can withstand a lot of fluid pressure. As these are made of bendable materials they can show a lot of balance against hydrostatic pressure. These can be reliably used for many years for effective vertical water pumping.

Easy to install: Flexible rising main is a water pumping solution that is quite easy to install. This work is not at all labour intensive as the installation does not consume too much time. The riser pipes are too convenient as machines and the installation process is less cumbersome compared to any other machinery of its own class.

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