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How to Stay Warm Without Switching on Your Heater

by helenonthesofa (follow)
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As the first chills of Winter start making the mornings and evenings feel a bit nippy, it's very tempting to flick the heating on to feel a bit warmer. However, heating like most luxuries in life costs money, and it can be prudent to put off using your heating until the really cold weather hits. Instead, here are few ways you can stay toasty, without racking up the heating bills:

Light a candle. Photo: Jon Sullivan, Wikipedia

1) Layer up.
Put on multiple layers of clothing, and try adding a vest to keep your chest warm. If you normally wear short sleeves, go for long sleeves, and add a jumper or cardigan too.

2) Wear shoes.
If you've been going barefoot round the house for Summer, then now is the time to dig out your slippers or UGG boots to keep warm. Bare feet on hard cold floors, make your whole body feel frozen so make sure you keep your feet covered.

3) Exercise.
There's nothing like a brisk walk, jog or quick work out to get the heart rate up and warm your whole body up.

4) Light a candle.
A lit candle conjures up the feeling of warmth, and can produce a little bit of heat too. They look lovely, and if you're in the for evening and snuggling up they definitely help you feel cosier.

5) Draw your curtains.
In the evenings, when the sun has left for the day, ensure curtains are drawn to keep the heat in and keep the drafts out.

6) Switch to a Winter duvet/doona.
If you want to feel warmer in bed, then it's time to dig out the thicker tog duvet or blankets to create a warm cocoon to sleep easy in. If your bedroom is a bit of an ice box before bedtime, you could consider using hot water bottles or wheat packs in your bed before you hop in. If you've got kids, then look out for all in one fleecy PJ's and extra tog sleep suits for babies.

7) Avoid Draughts.
Check around your house for gaps in doors and windows that could be causing draughts in your house. Where possible, aim to seal gaps with sealants, or where not practical use draught excluders to prevent cold air circulating around your house. You can buy cheap draught excluders from most home ware shops, or if you want to stay frugal, then roll up a towel and place at the bottom of a door to prevent cold air entering.

8) Oven Heat
If you've been using your oven for cooking, and have finished then turn it off, but leave the oven door open. The hot air within the oven can then escape into your home to add extra warmth.

9) Let the Sun Shine
During the day, let as much sunshine as possible enter the house to heat it up. Open blinds and curtains to welcome the heat of the sun in; just remember to shut them when night falls.

Cover up with a blanket with sleeves; The Snuggy. Photo: David Shankbone, Wikipedia Commons

10) Snuggle Up
If you're in for the evening and are watching TV or having a movie marathon, then have some blankets or duvets on hand to stave off the cold and snuggle up in. You'll not need a heater when you're wrapped up in a plush winter blanket.

What tips do you have to prevent switching on the heater when you're at home.

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Great article! I also use a heated throw rug which uses only around 10c per hour rather that my split system which costs 80c. It might not seem like much but it all adds up!
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