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How to Save Money When Hiring A Removalist

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Unless you live in a small apartment or don’t own much in terms of household items, it is always wise to hire a removal company to help you move houses. There is a lot involved in packing and moving from one place to the other. Moving might seem like an easy task but there is a lot of packing involved, and you need to follow a certain art, particularly when packing fragile items to ensure they get to the new home in one piece.

Moving companies understand all this and are professionally trained to handle any unexpected incidents, but you need to shop around a bit to get the best deal possible. Inquiring multiples removals can be a hassle and will require some work, but it can help you save some extra money. This guide, suggested by Cairns Coast Removals, a high-quality removalist in Cairns, will help you know how to find a removal company that is just right for you, plus, some tips and tricks on saving money on moving house.


Choosing a Removal Company

There are many ways to get a moving company. Whether it is a referral from a friend or an excellent review you read online about a certain company, there are several things you should put into considerations before settling on a particular firm. It is wise to check whether the company is a member if the movers association in your region as this means that they have been trained, fully vetted and have the expertise and experience to carry out such a task. Before choosing a removal company, here are some things to consider.

How Much Do Removals Cost?

There is no definite answer as to how much do removals cost as there are numerous factors that need to be considered. So, before deciding which removal company to hire, keep this in mind. The first factor is the amount of goods that need to be transported, the distance between your current home and the one you are moving into, size of the crew needed and how fast you need the company to help you move. The best long distance movers will be in a position to explain to you their charges, and you might be in a good position to negotiate a better price.

For example, they might agree to slash the cost if you have your own packing materials or if you volunteer to help with the whole process. If you are moving from a one-bedroomed unit, you might have to part with at least 600 AUD. On top of this, you have to add 250 AUD for packing by the removal company. The amount increases with the size of the house. It is wise to consult several companies and get to compare their different quotes in order to make an informed decision.


Do Removal Companies Provide Boxes?

If you are asking, do removal companies provide boxes; the answer is, yes, they do. You need to discuss with the company on how you want things done. Some people prefer packing their items in their own boxes while others just want everything done on their behalf.

Discussing the quotes is very important as there are several things involved in the final number. For example, if you live in a restricted area with narrow staircases, the movers will have a rough time trying to get your things out in one piece. This, on the other hand, will cost you more. Consider inviting the staff from the company to assess everything before giving you a quote. However, if they are not in a position to conduct a preliminary visit, ensure you provide them with accurate information.

Request to have a breakdown of the quote so that you are in a position to determine how much you need to pay for insurance, mileage, parking, storage costs and hourly rates. With quotes from different companies, you will be able to choose a firm that meets your financial capabilities.

Verify Your Moving Company’s Authority

Before choosing a company, make sure they are legally registered as a moving establishment. Every such company gets a unique number from the Department of Transportation. Ask the company to provide you with their number before hiring their services to avoid endangering yourself or getting duped. Use the official website to check for the authenticity of the company, and if they are legitimate, you can go ahead and hire them.

Check Insurance Coverage

Apart from being registered, moving firms need to have insurance cover, which is different for each company. Ask for their specific policy, which should be a written document that is known as a Certificate of Insurance. You can verify the authenticity of the insurance by looking it up online or by contacting the concerned company. Also, consider buying additional insurance from the specific moving company. The insurance will cover your goods against loss, theft and damages. The best interstate movers are usually well covered by a reputable insurance company.


How to Save Money When Hiring a Mover

Below are more tricks to save extra money on the cost of moving house.

Get price quotes from different removalists in your area: The first and the most important step is getting quotes from many companies. Comparing multiple removalists will save you a ton. You will not know how much you can save from the price difference if you don’t ask.

Purge before packing: Get rid of extra junk that you don't want to take along. Sell or donate things that you no longer need and have not used in a long time. At least a month before packing, make sure you sort items into categories, to take, to throw away, to giveaway and to sell. Remember that the less stuff you have, the less you will pay when moving.

Collect free moving boxes beforehand: As mentioned above, most removalists will probably charge extra for packing your stuff and providing boxes. To save big money, do it yourself. A month or two before packing, try to collect boxes as many as you can.

Consider truck share: If you can wait longer and are flexible with your moving dates, sign up to a truck-share scheme to share a truck with another customer. This option works best for those will who move a long distance.

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