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How To Save Money Using An Australian VPN Service

by zyana (follow)
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I have a confession to make and I have no qualms about it. Yes, I have traveled at a tight budget, looking for cheaper alternatives for almost everything, be it car rentals, hotel bookings, food, etc. On the contrary, I believe that most of the people reading this have done the same. So, here’s a shout-out to all those people: Little did we know that a Virtual Private Network or a VPN, apart from keeping our data safe, can also help us get the best rates on airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and digital goods too, such as e-books, software, virtual memberships etc. Here are some scenarios where a VPN can save a lot of bucks for you:

Cheaper Flight Tickets with a VPN

You will be shocked to know that a ticket price to a destination varies not just from country to country, city to city, or state to state; it even varies from PC to PC! Ticketing agencies charge you for the ticket depending upon your location. For instance, a person buying a ticket from US may get a different price than a person booking it from Australia – regardless of the origin of their passport.

Savings ahead

Additionally, travel booking sites track your cookies to specify the ticket prices. How do they do it? Simple. Cookies on a browser are used to record your activity and read your recurring visits to a site. Try searching for a ticket price on the website and then come again the next day, you'll find the increased price for the same ticket. The longer you take to book a ticket, the higher the price goes.

How A VPN Helps?

In simple words, VPN hides your real IP address, which means that ticketing websites don't get a hint of your real location. A VPN, such as PureVPN , lets you connect to one of the 7 different regions from around the world, ultimately tricking the website into thinking that you are present in that part of the world and browsing the tickets from there.

As soon as you connect to PureVPN, you'll be provided with a different IP address. You can then, browse the tickets on the website and look for a cheaper ticket with a different virtual location of yours. This in turn helps you get the ticket at a cheaper price depending upon the location. The very idea of this trick lies in altering the point-of-sale.

Get the Best of Car Rentals with a VPN

Some car rental companies resort to 'price discrimination' on bookings. Price discrimination involves offering different prices based on which part of the world you belong to. This practice is carried out by car rental companies to maximize their revenue.

Women using mobile phone

For instance, someone who is looking to rent a car and belongs to a country where owning a car is considered a luxury, they might be ready to pay a higher price tag for a rental car as compared to someone who is residing in a country where car ownership is a basic necessity. Since most people tend to search for the car of their choice in their respective countries, this means they can be easily exploited.

How A VPN Helps

A VPN, in this case, works in the same manner as in case of booking tickets. It changes your IP address to a different location and provides you an IP of the location of your choice. You can check the cheapest rates by juggling through different regions until you get the best deal.

Cheap Hotel Reservation with a VPN

With an impending international trip, you may start looking for cheap hotels beforehand to avoid hassle of paying more when you land at the location. For this, usually the best way is to look up on different hotel reservation and comparison websites like Experia.com, SkySkanner.com, Hotel.com etc.

Savings ahead

Additionally, these websites charge you based on your location, as is the case with flight tickets booking. Cookies also play a role in this case as websites track your activity and the amount of hotels you are browsing with all the specifications, including price, duration, etc.

How A VPN Helps?

When you connect to PureVPN, it helps you change your location through an IP change. Whenever you are going on a trip and want to stay in a good hotel and that too at a cheap price , try browsing different deals on hotel rooms with and without a VPN. You will get a clear picture of how much you can save by doing so. As always, don't forget to clear your cookies for each new session.

Download E-books and Games at the Best Price.

E-books are a great way to get information about whatever you love to learn or read about with a single click. Some of the websites offer E-books at a different price plan depending upon your location. Same is the case with game titles being launched on gaming consoles and PCs, as they tend to be launched with a gap of certain time frame in different regions.

How A VPN Helps?

PureVPN lets you connect to a region of choice and download E-books at the best price. Additionally, when the game titles are launched, you can download them from your region of choice even before that title is launched in your region.

Travel Smartly!
So, while planning your next trip, don’t forget use a VPN and save smartly. By following the above tricks, you can save a bunch of bucks that can be spent on some adventure, food or shopping.
Happy Travelling!

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