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How to Save Money on a House Extension

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According to Remodelling Magazine, the index for home remodelling projects is already up by 5.2% in 2018. It is expected to increase in 2019. This means that house extension is common in many homes in the country.

The exercise does not require permission from the relevant jurisdictions and hence easy. However, there are a few limitations. For example, the extended part of the house should not be higher than the original roof. The cost of the project may vary depending on many factors and hence the need to share with you some of the cheapest ways to build a house extension.


Some Tips on How to Extend House Cheaply

Find a Good Builder.

Different builders charge a different amount of money. Find a builder who can do the house extension and provide a variety of designs at a cheaper price and within your preferred timeline. A professional builder will know what exactly they need to do and the appropriate time.

Only Deal with Trusted Dealers.

You are likely to find independent traders and large organisations that can provide house design and construct your house. To save some money, choose an independent firm. You will also be able to interact with them easily to do your work according to your specifications. Most independent traders rely on referrals.

Therefore, they always strive to meet the expectations of the customers and helping them to adopt the cheapest way to extend a house.


Choosing a Construction Method.

The cost of your house extension is highly determined by the method of construction that you choose. One of the methods that have been recommended includes the use of bricks as this is cost effective and it helps to save time for the project. Some experts have argued that the materials also help in improving sound performance.

Make Good Use of Trade Connections.

Some businesses have close business ties and this allows the customers of the involved entities to get discounts and hence savings on the total cost and this is one of the main ways on how to save money on house extension.

Do Simple House Extensions.

The extent of the project determines the total cost of the project. Therefore, if you want to save some money, choose simple house designs.

Choose a Plan and Stick to it.

Before the house extension project is started, the owner contacts professional builders to provide a design. If one wishes to make changes to the original design, they are required to pay some extra cost. Therefore, it is recommendable to stick to the original plan.

Use Off-Shelf Materials for the Housing Project.

There is a wide variety of building materials that the builders can use. It is recommendable to use off-shelf materials to lower the cost of the house extension as they are relatively cheaper and most builders can easily work with them. For example, the homeowner can use bricks, interlocking tiles or timber.


Avoid too Much Ground Work.

The cost of extending a house increases with the increase in ground works. For example, if the project is implemented on the ground with trees or sewers, the builders are likely to ask for more money as it requires some extra work.

Manage the Work Yourself.

According to some experts, managing the project yourself will save you up to 25% of the total labor cost. Some of the activities that you will engage in include contacting the designer of the house, the relevant authorities, finding the required workforce, supplying the building materials, and directing the work. However, one needs to have good managerial skills to succeed.

Ensure Proper Timing.

To utilise the available labor well, building experts recommend delivering all the materials required in plenty to make good use of the available labor and hence save some money.

Pay for Labor at the Right Time.

Work with professional builders only as they will give realistic cost estimates for your house extension project. Some builders may give lower estimates and later ask for more money. It is recommendable to pay the workers only after completing their work according to your specifications.

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