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How to Make Money with VPS

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Not just tech nerds can make money from hosting. Anyone can start making money from hosting if they know how.

What is VPS? VPS is an abbreviation of the words Virtual Private Server. It is a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. It works the same way that a dedicated server does, and it working in a shared hosting environment.

If you have a business with a lot of customers, having a whole server to yourself is the way to go to avoid crashes and slow speed. Another great benefit of having a VPS is that you can make money off of it, without doing much at all. While making money using VPS, you can dedicate all your time to other things else you really love doing. Or, you can also travel while working!


It's not hard to understand, but it just needs some understanding. Below are some of the many ways you can use your VPS for.

1. Web Hosting Or Blog

Think of all the billions of website that exist, and how they are hosted. A Virtual Private Server is one of many types of web hosts they can choose from. When bloggers and businesses upload files and info to their website, they are renting space on a web server, and the website owner does not have to worry about figuring out how to host.

A problem with renting this space on someone else server is that it crashes if there is too much traffic. That’s why some people turning to VPS because it is more stable.

First of all, the most common one: hosting websites. If you are good at getting in touch with potential costumers around the web, you can give them good prices and still make a lot every month.

2. Cloud Storage

Another one is cloud storage. No-one has external hard discs anymore, it's all clouds now. People are willing to pay monthly to be assured that their important files and photos are safely stored. Video sharing platforms have become more known to the average person lately, and this needs servers with sufficient space. People make up to a $1000 on this alone.


3. Saving up on Cryptocurrencies

Lastly, the big hit lately: saving up on cryptocurrencies. There are several kinds, and the most famous one globally is Bitcoin, which was the first of its kinds, and other cryptocurrencies followed. There is a long list of these moneymakers:

Bitcoin cash
Ripple XRP

You have perhaps heard of "bitcoin farms" where people mine for bitcoins. People buy servers for the sole purpose of mining for cryptocurrencies. This is because a regular computer isn't strong enough to do this constant work, and while it is mining, it can't be used for anything else.

4. Hosting Game Servers

You can host game servers like Minecraft. Some other games work great too. Note that Minecraft servers will require a lot of RAM. You can make your own server and sell them later. Linux is also the most recommended type to use when hosting these game servers.


5. Selling Traffic or Running a Traffic Exchange

One of the most common ways to earn a few bucks per day without doing anything is bot traffic. You can run traffic software on your VPS and sell them as a web traffic. You can use Paid to Promote sites (PTP) and run a traffic exchange on your VPS to earn money.


There isn’t the best way to make money using VPS. You just have to choose the most suitable way for yourself. Using VPS to make money is tempting to many, as it is little work for some pay. These methods only work as a side hustle to make money along the way and do remember that ways that are more profitable will require more time and efforts. The most important part of making money with VPS is that you must know what VPS is and what VPS can be used for. It is not complicated, but you’ll definitely need to educate yourself first before you start any of the above methods.

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