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How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

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If a magic formula existed for increasing the chances of winning lottery prizes, most people, if not all, would follow it. While a wave of the wand won't help you to win the lottery in Australia, you can employ some strategies that help to increase the chances that you'll receive a prize.

Play Often
Right now, perhaps you wander into stores in a happenstance manner once in awhile and pick up a lottery ticket. While you might get lucky one of these days, your chances of winning the lottery aren't as great as someone who plays on a regular basis. Increasing the amount of times that you play the lottery also increases the chances that you will win. Keep in mind that gambling addiction is a serious problems, and if you suffer from this issue, you must speak with a specialist.

Avoid Birthdays
The more people who play a certain number, the lower the payout is if those numbers come up. Since many people pick their birthdays, you should opt for numbers over 31. In the event that you do win, you will likely have more money than you would have if you played a number under that figure.

Accept Low Prizes
Winning the biggest prize might not happen for you, but your chances to win the lottery can grow if you participate in low stakes gambling. While you may not win a prodigious amount of cash, you can start to store away some smaller bills for the next big holiday you're family plans or for your new home purchase.

Participate in Lotteries with Multiple Prizes
If you opt to play a lottery that has only one large cash prize, then your chances of winning it decrease. Instead, you can try house lotteries Australia has to offer. For example, Australian home lotteries offer you chances to win a new place to live, but they also have other prizes available when you purchase tickets. A home lottery Australia has to offer is also a great idea because you can support a group like YourTown. Even if you do not win, you are still helping to make the community better.

Choose Unpopular Lotteries
In your area, you probably find that many people are drawn to a few particular games. Remember that the more people you are competing against, the less likely you are to walk away with a prize. Try to gain a sense of what lotteries are the least popular. By playing them, you could increase your chances of winning, and you might get the top prize.

Streamline Your Efforts
Learning how to increase your chances of winning the lottery involves streamlining your efforts. When you go to the shop, you might want to buy all different types of tickets. However, if you purchase seven different types of tickets, you are less likely to win than if you had purchased seven tickets of the same type. While playing the same game over and over again might seem rote, doing so helps to increase your chances.

Scatter Your Numbers
When playing a lottery that requires you to pick numbers, you might want to pick consecutive numbers or numbers that all have one particular digit in common. While you may find that those numbers come up once in awhile all together, you likely have a better chance if you scatter the numbers that you play in the lottery Australia has to offer.

Whether you choose scratch-off tickets, a home prize lottery or other forms of gambling, you don't have to leave it all up to chance; you can employ some strategies to increase your odds.
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