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How to Cut Down on Snack Spending

by Colleen P Moyne (Colmo) (follow)
I'm a freelance writer living in the beautiful river town of Mannum in SA, dreaming of the day I can retire from the 9-5 to write full time.
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Fast Food
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Although we have access to lots of information on how to lower our power bills, save on groceries and find great bargains, when it comes to advice on how to control those small daily purchases that mount up, the information is all pretty generic.

Fast Food
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We are told to stop buying takeaway, stop picking up that coffee on the way to work, and to say no to dessert - All good advice, though not always easy to follow. But instead of telling us what not to do, what we really need is some advice on what we can do instead.

Here are some more specific and – I hope – useful tips for minimising the daily cash leak:

Fast Food
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It’s not always practical to take a packed lunch to work or on a family outing. Instead, give the fast-food franchises a wide berth and try something a little different. Head to the nearest supermarket and pick up:

- A fresh roll, a couple of slices of ham and a tomato
- A muesli bar crumbled into a tub of yoghurt
- A stick of cabanossi and a tub of salad.
- Some Grissini and a tub of cream cheese.
- If you have a microwave oven at work you can pick up a lean microwave meal for the same price you will pay for a fast burger.

There are lots of convenient lunch or snack ideas at the supermarket and most of them cost far less than takeaway. But don’t stop there:

Fast Food
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- If you’re thirsty, don’t call into the nearest delicatessen or service station, but instead consider a bottle of water from the supermarket shelf. For as little as eighty cents you can buy a 500 ml bottle that you would probably pay more than $3 for at a service station. The shelf water is not cold, but is comfortably cool thanks to good air-conditioning. The same goes for juices and soft drinks.

- If you need to buy multiple drinks it can add up to big dollars. Instead, for around 4 or 5 dollars at the supermarket you can pick up a 2 litre juice or soft drink and a pack of disposable cups.

Groceries at Checkout
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- If you’re heading out to a movie, don’t wait until you get to the candy counter to buy your snacks – they’re ridiculously expensive. Instead, stop at the supermarket and pick up your sweets, chips, pretzels or popcorn before you go.

- Because I leave home early for work and don’t always feel like breakfast. I take a small container of instant oats, whitener and some sultanas, dates or other dried fruit. When I get to work, I tip this into a mug and add hot water. I give it a few moments to ‘cook’ and then drink it while I work.

- To purchase a cup of coffee at my place of work would cost me $2.50 but hot water is free, so I take a container of my own coffee granules and whitener.

Groceries at Checkout
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- Always have fresh fruit on hand for a snack, dessert or pick-me-up, but if fresh is not possible then carry some dried fruit or even snack-packs.

A little forethought and planning can save you a lot of money. If you know you've got some outings coming up, grab some suitable foods when you’re doing your grocery shopping. These supermarket purchases are not only much cheaper than fast food or deli snacks, but are usually healthier, tastier and satisfy you for longer.

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#Saving Money
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