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Household causes of blocked drains

by marym (follow)
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Blocked drains can really drain you out. Almost every household might have experienced blocked drains in some form or the other. Here are certain causes of blocked drains that you can keep in mind, helping you safeguard against drain blocks and live with peace of mind. After all, there’s only so much a drain cleaner can do, and commercial products on having blocked drains clean and open needn’t necessarily work all the time.

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Trees and leaves

Autumn is one of the reasons for blocked drains. Although this season comes with its own beauty, it becomes quite hard to maintain your garden with a lot of leaves. By wanting to keep your garden clean, fallen leaves and other debris are sometimes just pushed into the drain. If not deliberately, stray leaves would invariably fall into drains during this season. Leaves cannot be blamed alone. Roots of trees gets drawn to the closest sources of water, in case of cities, it could be drains, and causes cracks in pipes over time. This whole process is what leads to drain blockage.

Grease and fat

The most common cause of a blocked drain in any household can also be a simple one to avoid. Fatty substances that are generally washed down water sinks get stuck inside the pipes. Gradually, such grease and fat builds up till a stage where no more liquid can pass through. Our thought of having such substances exit the pipes will only backfire as they get stuck inside the pipes. Avoiding this is the best way to keeping your drains from getting blocked.


Human hair, for that matter any kind of hair is stronger than we all think. The combined strands of hair on your head can actually support the weight of a couple of elephants according to a research. If hair is thrown down the drain, in the event it gets blocked along with fat and grease, or any other debris, would only lead to a blocked drain sooner than you will expect. With strainers that will help catch hair before it enters the pipe you will be able to avoid it to a good extent. However, keep in mind that hair should not have been thrown down the drain in the first place at all. Avoid it, and you would have saved yourself a good amount of money to fix a blocked drain.

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Foreign objects

Although unintentionally, chances of foreign objects dropped down the drains are quite common. In case there are kids in the household, chances are even more. Objects could include anything from soap, toiletries, jewelry, and toys, among other things. Cases of flushing down a whole roll of toilet paper in household with children have been reported. Any foreign object, if considerably large, will only block drain pipes, rather than clean or open them. Drains are not dustbins where food is to dump either. All these problems would only lead to drain pipes being choked.

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Unless you’re staying in Antarctica, you’re bound to have a faceoff with these mammals. Pipes, drains and sewers are a haven for rodents. And it shouldn’t really be a surprise because there’s food flowing through these areas all the time. What they would end up doing is trying and builds an area for themselves by collecting debris and blocking a particular area. Moreover, if the pipes have roots of trees blocking it partially, it makes it all the easier for these creatures to mark their territory. A word of caution – don’t send food down the drain pipe. You might think that you’ve cleaned your house up, but actually, you’re only inviting more trouble.

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