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Hidden Water Leaks: Money Down the Drain

by lillian connors (follow)
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Every once in a while, water leaks could occur, causing more damage than you can imagine if not taken care of straight away. Detecting a water leak early will save you tons of money and prevent a potential disaster. Here are some of the sings that you should contact your plumber for you might be having a water leak issues.

Check the water meter
One of the most secure ways to check if you have hidden water leaks is to check your water meter regularly. In order to do so, simply turn off all water inside your house, shut off all faucets, and make sure the dishwasher and the washing machine are not running. After you have done that, watch the meter and see if anything changes. It might take a few minutes longer than expected, but if there is any suspicious activity you might be having a major leak somewhere and should call a plumber as soon as possible. If however you see a change after a few hours, you probably have a slower leak which can develop and become faster over time. In any way, if you see that your meter is increasing, call the plumber and have it fixed before it does more damage.

Compare your bills regularly
Be sure to compare your last month's bill with the new one, and do so every upcoming month. If the water usage is higher than last year and is increasing from month to month, you might have a potential hidden leak. Also, you can check with the environmental protection agency and see your winter water usage. If the numbers are higher than average or compared to last year’s water usage, again, you probably have a leak somewhere and should call a plumber. Be sure not only to compare, but also monitor your bills regularly for any suspicious activity.

Check exterior usage
People make mistakes by thinking that leaks can only occur inside the house. Yes, kitchen and bathroom water leaks are the most common ones, but leaks also occur outside the walls. Especially if you bought the house and have no idea where the plumbing pipes go or what the foundations of the house look like, you might want to be extra careful with such issues, advise at Force Plumbing & Heating. Attach a garden hose and check your spigots; if water is seeping through the connection while the hose is running, replace the rubber part around the hose holding the connections together. Once a year, consider calling a pro to check your irrigation system, in case you have one. Even the smallest leak could accumulate and leak around 6,300 gallons per month.

Look out for mold or foul smells
Common sense states that if there is mold or any kind of foul smell, there is water involved. It is highly advised that you check your house and basement regularly for any suspicious places and activities that might be due to water leak. If you can afford it, hire a professional plumber once a year to do the inspection for you and check if everything is good. If you home is over 20 years old, your plumbing system might be failing and at the end of its life expectancy, which is nothing but bad news. Check the water heater, pumps, washing machine, hoses and all other places where water is constantly present for any potential or clear signs of a leak. If you have any suspicion or think that you might have a leak, call the plumber and have it sorted out. The more you wait, the worse it gets.

Dealing with water leaks can be problematic, especially when you have an old home. Water leaks can cause many other problems, which will only cost you more money and make your life miserable. Check regularly, and ensure that you do not have water leaks within or around your home by using the above mentioned tips and suggestions.

All images courtesy of flickr.com/creativecommons.

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