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Frugal Tips For Keeping Cool During Summer

by thriftyfrugalfun (follow)
Thrifty is a mum of 3 who is passionate about living a happy, simple and frugal life. You can read her blog at: thriftyfrugalfun.blogspot.com.
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Ah, summer. It's a great time of year to spend cooling off at the beach or swimming in the pool.

Thermometer, how to keep cool in summer
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But how to cool your house down, when it's stinking hot inside? There's nothing worse than being hot and bothered, but turning on your air conditioner can send your power bill sky rocketing. Honestly, just the thought of turning my air conditioner on breaks me into a sweat!

So, here are 7 of my favourite cheap and easy ways to cool down during the hot weather.

1. Use a fan and save big bucks

Using a fan or air cooler rather than an air conditioner can save you a significant amount of money. A fan only costs 2 cents an hour to run, while a portable evaporative air cooler is only 3 cents. These coolers run on water and have a similar cooling effect as an a/c for a fraction of the running cost. Compare these with a medium sized split system air conditioner which costs 70c an hour. Now, 70c might not sound like much, but if you run an air conditioner on most days for around 6 hours it can add a whopping $350 to a summer power bill.

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2. Set the air conditioner to 24 degrees

Before turning on the air conditioner, try using a fan first. If you do decide to turn on the a/c set the temperature for 24 degrees which will still keep you nice and cool. Every degree lower than this can bump up your power costs.

3. Keep the windows shut and curtains drawn

Unlike in the winter where you open the curtains to let the sunlight in, in the Summertime we want to keep the heat out. Keep the windows closed until the late evening when the sun goes down, then open them up to let any hot air escape. Also keep your curtains closed to keep the heat out. Block out curtains can be more expensive but a great investment.

4. Take a cold shower or bath

Having a cold shower or bath effectively lowers your core temperature and will make you feel much cooler.

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5. Avoid using the oven

Cooking in the oven can add unnecessary heat to your house. In summer I avoid using the oven whenever possible as it makes my house tremendously hot. Instead, I use the barbecue or slow cooker to prepare meals.

6. Keep hydrated

Drink lots of cold liquids to stay hydrated. While water is the healthiest and cheapest option, other frugal drinks include homemade iced tea, iced coffee or cordial. Frozen juice also make refreshing icy poles.

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7. Turn on the exhaust fan

By turning on your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan, this sucks up any hot air from inside your house, resulting in a much cooler room.

What are some frugal ways you keep cool during summer?

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