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Five Top Tips for Selecting the Best Bathroom Tile

by marym (follow)
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A Bathroom Tile is an integral part of any bathroom decor. Choosing the right bathroom tiles is highly important for any bathroom renovation project. The bathroom tiles can either uplift the overall look of the bathroom or make the bathroom look really dull and boring. Hence, you will need to be very choosing while choosing the tiles for your bathroom renovation project. Right tiles can make your bathroom look exquisite. It is important for you to develop a good understanding about the tiles in order to pick the right ones for your own bathroom.

Bathroom Tile
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A Bathroom Tile is quiet a versatile object. It is made from various materials like natural stones, glass, ceramic, porcelain etc. You may feel spoilt for options in bathroom tiles and choosing one may seem a little overwhelming. The tiles vary greatly in colour, pattern, shape, size, texture etc. To be honest, the tiles are quite versatile and thus correct picking becomes a necessity. You need to understand the variations and the purpose they serve and choose accordingly. For an example, glass tiles are known for their durability whereas ceramic ones are known for their aesthetics. This article is dedicated to five important tips that will help you choose the correct tile for your bathroom.

The five important tips for Bathroom Tile selection

1. Pick up a tile that complements the decor of your bathroom: As choices for bathroom tiles are never ending, the key here is to pick up essential tile first that complements the rest of the interior. It may be a simplistic one or may be accentuated, but it all depends on your independent choice and bathroom specification. Choose a basic tile that will make your bathroom space look wider and allow easy entry of light. Design your bathroom with tiles that can blend well with the rest of the room.

2. Think of cleaning and maintenance issues: Some tiles are low in maintenance like ceramic or porcelain whereas stone ones require good amount of maintenance and cleaning. Keep this point in mind. However, the stone ones can be durable and elegant looking. If you are ready to invest on maintenance then you can definitely go for the natural stone finish ones.

Bathroom Tile
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3. Do not overcrowd your bathroom with more than what is required: You may feel attracted towards more than one type of Bathroom Tile and it is good to have some variation going on in the bathroom. But do not pick up too many variations in terms of colour, pattern and design. The more variety you pick up the harder it gets to assort them and blend them in your bathroom environment without disturbing the harmony of the room design layout. Simplicity is the best key here.

4. Keep one type of tile as the key attraction: With the wide variety of Bathroom Tile options you may not be able to control the urge of flaunting your unique style. But here you need to stop and think. What makes your bathroom unique is that one type of unique tiles. So, choose your show stopper wisely while you let the other types of tiles complement your dream show stopper tile.

5. Be absolutely specific about the shape, size and fitting of the tiles: Perfection is the golden rule here. Each Bathroom Tile must be proportionating in terms of shape, size and fittings. No tile should look out of place or awkward as it can ruin the beauty of your bathroom. Be a perfectionist regarding the measurements. Plan it beforehand and plan it all well. Take professional help if required. But getting the measurements right is a must.

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