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Dressing Up Poshly (But Affordably) for A Winter Wedding

by april (follow)
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Dressing Up Poshly (But Affordably) for A Winter Wedding


Being posh is a state of mind as much as anything else: it's a belief that you have it together, and can keep it together. It's the confident cool of this state of mind that makes it a perfect type of style for a winter wedding.

As much as it looks like many posh women drop thousands of dollars on designer style without breaking a sweat, the truth is, being posh -- and dressing posh -- isn't all that expensive. You just have to have the knowledge to make you confident enough to pull off that infallibly chic look that's quintessential to posh style.

Here's how to do just that for your next winter wedding.


1) Go Long...Real Long

This breathtakingly beautiful and affordable gown from Nookie embodies everything we love about posh wedding wear ó though wearing it in white is reserved for the bride, only!

Winter is the time to embrace the glory of the floor-length dress. While the thought of wearing all that material in the summer can cause us to break a sweat before we leave the house, in the chillier months, the more material, the merrier. For a truly posh look, look for a dress with a slit to show a little skin.


2) Add Sparkle

The most affordable way to sparkle and shine at a wedding without frosting yourself in diamonds is to wear sequins. Thanks to a throwback 80s trend, sequins are more in than ever, and they are perfect for winter weddings. Not only do they reflect the snow and ice of the season, but they also look glorious by candlelight or firelight, making them incredibly cool when showcased by the soft winter wedding illumination.


3) Go for the Gold

While silver is still too close to white to be acceptable to don unless youíre the bride, gold is often considered an acceptable metallic. Itís also a classically posh color that looks super decadent but doesnít actually have to break the bank to wear. This said, part of your role as a wedding guest is to be there to support the bride and/or groom ó not to try to outshine them. (This lack of refinement speaks to the exact opposite of posh: tacky!)

So, if you are going to wear gold, use it as an accent or part of the pattern of the dress as opposed to wearing a floor-length gown of gold laminee or sequins. Of course, if youíre the bride, an all-around gold look would be stunning!


4) Gem-Tones, Not Gemstones

Another affordable way to look posh on a budget at a winter wedding is to slip into a jewel-toned dress. Think ruby reds, emerald greens, and sapphire blues. While these colors may be considered too deep for a summer wedding, their warmth and richness are ideal for nuptials in the cooler months.

So next time you think dressing posh is too rich for your blood (and your wallet), remember that you have the knowledge, confidence, and room in your budget to pull of this chic style, anytime, anywhere.

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