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Cost Effective Mechanical Repair Tips

by melis (follow)
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Motorized vehicles have seen an exponential rise in its usage since its introduction a century ago. Since then, cars and other such vehicles have become harder, faster, and stronger. They have grown more compact, faster and more energy efficient. The internal combustion engine has also witnessed radical changes. Engines with a few units of power output are nowadays, replaced with engines, which pump out power valuing several hundred Horsepower.

This change and development has created faster machines and has raised the demand for qualified mechanics. Personnel qualified and experienced in mechanical engineering often do mechanical repairs in modern cars. It is obvious that such experienced personnel will charge quite a hefty bill for repairing your car. So, rather than burning a hole in your pocket, here are some do it yourself cost-effective tips for maintaining your car.

Mechanical Repairs

Air Filter
The air filter clears away the air input into the engine. This is usually changed after 12 months or after 10,000 km whichever comes before. This mechanical repair is usually done by mechanics with quite a cost. This filter can be found in front of the hood and is usually clipped in front of the hood. The dirty filter can be cleaned by simply brushing the dirty fins with a brush and soap solution.

Wind Shield Wipers
This can be cleaned instantly without any prior knowledge about the car and obviously calling the mechanic. The windshields are often folded in front of the car. It can be cleaned with a simple cotton wipe. There are some precautions, which must be observed. One of them include checking the age of the wipers, as older wipers may tear out of the metal holders. This mechanical repair can be done by pressing the button at the base of the holder, which releases the old damaged wipers. The old wipers are then replaced with a new one.

Spark Plug
Most spark plugs lose their charge after the vehicle has run for a considerable distance. It provides the spark to light up the air fuel mixture in the internal combustion engine. It can be replaced with a certain amount of patience. The process is simple. It begins with locating the spark plug. Remove the wires in order and replace the old plugs with the new ones. The precaution involved in the procedure includes removing the wires in order and replacing the plugs one by one. Another point is not to over tighten the spark plug. The whole procedure only requires a wrench.

Bulb Change
The headlight bulb can be changed without running to the mechanic. The process is as simple as changing any other bulb. Care must be taken to select the correct headlight bulb.

Mechanical Repairs

Re Fixing Exhaust Pipes
The exhaust pipes in most of the vehicles are held by rubber holder loops. The materials required for this mechanical repair can be easily obtained at any auto store and can be repaired without a mechanic.

The Battery
The battery is the crucial point of the entire car’s electrical system. The voltage on it can be checked by a multimeter. Batteries less than 9.7 V must be replaced. This can be done with care and the batteries must be clipped off carefully.

Radiator Flush
The radiator is an essential part of the car’s cooling system. Deposit build-up can often lead to radiator malfunction. Constant flushing of the radiator with coolant can reduce its clogging and malfunction. Care must be taken to ensure that the engine has cooled down before beginning this procedure.

These tips can effectively guide you in maintaining your car. In case, you are unable to complete any of the procedure with definite success, then it is judicious to call your mechanic for some mechanical repairs.

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