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All You Want to Know About Cantilevered Stair

by melis (follow)
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The interior design of a home can be enhanced and taken to a whole new level with the help of cantilevered stair. The threads appear to float in mid-air, and the amused onlooker adds an additional value to this beautiful design of stairs. Although these looks effortlessly placed on a wall, it requires precise engineering to give it a proper shape and functioning. There is a wide range of possibilities in terms of material and design.

Cantilevered Stair
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How do they work?

One of the most important things to remember is that these stairs are supported even if their looks tell you otherwise. In the cantilevered stair, each of the stairs is fixed at the end. The structure supporting the threads is hidden and so there are no visible signs of threads support to onlookers. The threads are either fixed in the walls or there are strings that attach these together. There is a wide range of ways this can be accomplished and it depends on the suppliers to opt for the one that is best suited for your home’s interiors.

Can they be modified?

Fitting the cantilevered stair in new buildings is quite common these days. One of the most important reasons is that these are easy to install in the early stage of the house designing. However, an expertise of a structural engineer is required in the installation to get that perfect functioning required for a home. The supporting wall is the most important thing to the cantilevered stair and so this needs to be strong to support the stairs. The existing setup can be modified and a cantilevered stair can be added to it, but it needs the expertise of professionals to get everything in proportion.

Material used to make them:

Cantilevered Stair
Image by shutterstock

The staircases offer huge possibilities in designing. In this advanced age of technology almost anything can be used for the stairs. However, people prefer various materials such as:

• Timber
• Glass
• Natural stone
• Metal
• Corian and concrete composite materials

The material that you choose for the cantilevered stair will also impact the support that you need to give to maintain the strength and durability of the stairs. It will also have a strong impact on the cost of the stairs and the time taken for the installation. So, after considering your options you need to choose the one that is best suited for you.

The cost of stairs:

There are various materials, sizes, designs and styles of cantilevered stairs that you can opt for. So, the cost of these stairs depends on the one that you choose. If you are opting for this option in a new construction the cost will be lesser compared to the existing construction. In the existing construction, you will need to rebuild the support wall in most cases. So, the cost will depend on the material you choose, the design you opt for, the time frame that you want the work to be done in and the labor that you use for the installation.

Make the right decision:

Opting for these stairs is a great decision, but to make it right and perfect you need to select only the right installers for the same. You need to hire the professionals who are experienced in installing these types of stairs if you want efficient results for your property. So, carry out a careful research, compare your options and only then opt to install cantilevered stairs in your property.

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