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Advantages of Installing Shower Screens for Your Bathroom

by marym (follow)
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When you begin to decorate your house and plan to renovate your house, you need to consider many factors that contribute to making the perfect house with incredible value. Your bathroom is where the real value begins to happen because before anybody buys the property, they unquestionably take a measure of how a bathroom looks and feels.

Shower screens, above all, brings phenomenal appeal to your bathroom and boosts its value to thousands of dollars. Frameless shower screen is world class choice and is usually selected and installed for its amazing features and benefits. Frameless and semi-frameless shower screen not only encloses your shower, but also makes the floor shine and stun others with splendor.

Here we are going to understand how bathrooms with shower screen embody modernist charm, class and unique flair. Get ready to learn what is all offered by glass shower screens.

Shower Screens
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Aesthetically pleasing

When glass is added to any sections of your house (windows, doors, bathroom screens), it definitely enhances its original personality and bring class and clarity. In simple language, one can say frameless shower screen is something that introduces luxurious aesthetics, making the object look much more appealing to your eyes than anything else. It is shiny, polished and highly spectacular in its class helping to transform the appearance of the house.

It feels bigger

This is one of a kind sort of benefit you receive by having shower screens installed in your bathroom. Subtlety of glass produces a delusion of space and makes the whole space feel bigger and better, leaving behind a feeling of enlarged area. Unlike opaque materials, glass shower screens do not pose as an obstruction and establish a sense of clarity and transparency. Your eyes can see the big picture of space around you in an uninterrupted flow.

Shower Screens
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Faster and easier to clean

There is no involvement of metal or other frame material in frameless shower screen, which means you will not have to go through an exhausting toil to clean the screen. Shower screens without frame offer tremendous simplicity while you clean it since there are no hidden crevices or corners where you will dig in to clean mold or grease or grime. Just a gentle splash of water and a sponge is enough.

Lasting well-maintained state

There are minimal components you would have to deal with when you install and fix the glass screen to the wall and floor. Frameless shower screens will save you from long term corrosion that may form with other screen materials.

Sky-rocketing value

As we saw earlier, a frameless shower screen is an amazing addition to your bathroom that increase the overall value of your property. This is because your bathroom appears to be rich, luxurious and extravagant, and far more elegant with the help of a frameless shower screen.

Shower Screens
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Unique designs and versatility

Due to the fact that it is glass that is going to be your screen, you can capitalize on its obvious benefit – which is to cut and transform into any shape and design you want. Frameless shower screens are all custom made, tailored to fit your needs for adding style and class. You can make it more functional by having it engineered tactically through a bathroom renovation designer. Because you can carve it into many designs and integrate them conveniently into your bathroom space, shower screen is quite a versatile option.

Enhanced hygiene standard

Older styles of frameless screens had metal in their structure which had higher hygiene issues especially when you have a family living inside your house. Metal surface provides enough room for germs and bacteria to form tarnish, rust and mold if you are unable to clean them perfectly. Any other material than glass magnetically attracts germs to build their colony inside your bathroom. Glass has no pores and resists bacterial infusion and fusty reeks that they bring. Glass shower screens are the hygienically sound option.

I hope that by reading the above points you will be convinced with the fact that installing shower screens for your bathroom is the best choice.

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