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A Handy Guide To Downsizing

by expre (follow)
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The decision to downsize comes sooner or later for most people. Perhaps you are getting on in age and your home has grown too big over the years. Maintaining a large house with a garden, lawn and pool is often just too much work, particularly if your children have all moved out of home. Downsizing can also be a financial decision, as moving to a smaller home can reduce your mortgage repayments and lower your utility bills. Here are some of the things you should consider when you downsize.

Spend some time finding the right new home
Try to avoid properties that will need a lot of renovations or upkeep, like Victorian or heritage buildings. If you are looking for a low-maintenance home, attached houses with shared walls like townhouses, apartments and condos are a good option. You won’t have to mow the lawn or do the kind of hard maintenance you might be faced with in a larger home. Other things to think about include whether you want a yard, a basement or loft for storage, or an area for entertaining guests.

It’s also important to think about the area around your new home. You might want to move closer to your children and grandchildren, or simply to a more walkable area with good public transport links.

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Downsize your possessions
A smaller home will have less room for your furniture and belongings, so as well as downsizing your house, you’ll probably need to downsize your possessions too. Take inventory of your things by making a list of what you would replace if you lost everything in a fire. This will help you figure out what things are important to you and what you can live without.

To get rid of the things you’re not taking to your new home, you can hold a garage sale, sell clothes and knick-knacks online, or donate household items to charities and second-hand shops. If your kids have moved out of home, they might appreciate keepsakes from the family home, so it’s worth asking them if they want to take some things off your hands.

Bonus tip: to get rid of unnecessary paper, scan your photos, recipes and documents and save them online, then throw away your paper copies.

Downsize your furniture
Downsizing to a smaller house often means you will have less rooms or smaller rooms, and the furniture you bought for your larger house may not fit so nicely at the new house. Carefully measure all your furniture so that you can start visualising where it will fit in your new home. There’s no point in trying to move furniture that just won’t fit, so you might as well sell any large pieces before you move out of your current home.

Make the most of storage options
Furnish your new home with clever pieces that can multi-task. A fold-out couch can accommodate guests just as well as a spare bed, and you can invest in items such as wall-mounted shelving or hanging pots to give yourself more floor space. Take a trip to IKEA and invest in some attractive baskets, boxes and containers to store your things in. If you really need more storage, you can always rent a space at a storage centre in your area – but downsizing can be a great way to throw away unnecessary things and simplify your home.

Hiring a reliable removalist company to manage your move will make downsizing as easy and stress-free as possible. Express Removals in Perth can take care of every aspect of your move, including packing, furniture storage, interstate transport and insurance. With an experienced friendly staff and competitive rates, there’s no better team to tackle your move. Give them a call on 13 0026 5797 or visit www.express-removals.com.au for more information.

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