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A Guide for Buying Essential Clothes for Pole Dancing in a frugal way

by April (follow)
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Every sport has a uniform. Field hockey players zoom about in pleated skirts, cheerleaders wave pompoms while pole dancers twirl around the pole in pleasers (stilettos)! Clothes make the sport - that’s why non-polers are quick to judge pole dancing. Pole fitness requires a lot of skin exposure - for the purpose of better friction. It’s almost easier to refer to pole dancing as pole fitness to break up with the prevalent misconception that all polers are exotic dancers - it’s for fitness, folks!

What pole dancing clothes are essential?

The Pole Dancer’s Uniform 101


Footwear: No, you don’t have to attend pole dance classes in 6” stiletto heels. Although pleasers are synonymous with pole dancing they are not essential. Pleasers are for the more advanced dancer, competitions or just because. If you’re just starting your twirl of faith, pleasers aren’t for you...just yet. Don’t forget your heel inserts to prevent blisters.

Footwear is optional. But for those of you that want your tender tootsies covered, try yoga shoes. Yoga shoes are also excellent for exercise off the pole.

Sports Bra: There’s no way you want to be wearing a regular wire bra, they are far too uncomfortable; go wireless for maximum comfort. Sports bras are part of regular attire as they double as your shirt. If you’re wanting a coverup, try a sleeveless crop or bandeau top - this is where you can get creative and add a little sparkle to your outfit!

Shorty-shorts or Skirt: By far the more popular option is shorts - the shorter the better for gripping the pole. The short choices are endless: vibrant colours, varying lengths and daring styles (fishnet, retro, mesh). For those of you seasoned polers out there, the fine art of the short skirt can be fun to integrate into your dance routine!

Panties: Reserve thong usage for daily wear, they don’t belong under your pole dancing outfit unless you’d like to experience the mother of all wedgies. Full panties work best, if you want to wear underwear. If not, go commando, it’s much more comfortable and less confining. Another buying option is shorts with built-in underwear.

Leggings: For colder climates or for more conservative ladies you can wear special leggings made for improved pole grip. Make sure they’re made of polyester or vinyl and that they’re nice and stretchy!

Knee Pads: Friction burns from floor routines are commonplace, especially when you’re learning a routine for the first time so make sure you have a pair of stylish knee pads in your gym bag!

Wrist Wraps: All that vertical puts loads of pressure on your poor mitts, give your wrists a leg up and use wrist wraps.

Pretty in Pole Dance Wear


The pole dancing uniform isn’t exactly common sportswear, but it sure is bodaciously body hugging! Buy the right clothing and show up ready to hit the pole for some high-intensity exercise and dance like nobody’s watching!

Address: 88 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction NSW 2022
Opening Hours: 5:30 PM - 9:30 PM (Friday Close)

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