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10 Tips for Buying Bedding on a Budget

by April (follow)
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For most of us, buying bedding isn't something we think much about. We go out, and we just do it. Unfortunately, our Blaise attitude could be costing us a lot of money -- and in ways, we couldn't possibly have imagined. Unless you have money to burn (and want to burn it), it's time to think seriously about your sheets.

Read up on these smart tips for buying your bedding on a budget.

1. Buy Quality

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Buying quality bedding almost always means you’re spending more money, and that’s right, in one sense. You are spending more money off-the-hop, but you are actually saving money in the long-run. When you buy the cheapest sheets possible, you get the cheapest sheets possible, and you’ll be replacing them every year, at least. Ultimately, you’ll spend a lot more money than you would have if you’d just bought a solid set of quality bedding in the first place.

Budget pro-tip: For the best quality buy, get your bedding from a store that specializes in bedding, like IN BED.

2. Buy Back-Up

Having a second set of sheets will not only prolong the life of your bedding by spreading out the wear, but they are great to have on hand when your primary set is in the wash. No more waiting for them to go through the laundry process to remake the bed: just make it with your second set, and sleep easy.

3. Shop Sales

A little patience can go a long way. Rather than buy out of your price range, wait until the top quality sheets you want (and deserve) go on sale. You may not get the instant gratification you want, but what you will have is as good as money in the bank. In fact, it is money in the bank!

4. Buy Practically

You may love the idea of satin sheets, but are they really a bedding option you can properly care for? If not, buy a more luxurious cotton or cashmere alternative, and save yourself what will ultimately be a colossal waste of money. A large part of buying bedding on a budget comes down to buying practically, so don’t buy bedding that isn’t in synch with your lifestyle.

5. Aim High

In general, the higher the thread count, the better. Thread count refers to the number of threads (vertical and horizontal) per square inch, so the more threads, the softer and stronger the sheet. Aim for a thread count of at least 200 to get the most for your money, as well as the most comfortable sleep.

6. DIY Duvet

If you really want to get your bedding on a budget, try doing it yourself. Make a DIY duvet cover by purchasing two flat sheets in your desired size and color, and then sew them together on three sides. The fourth side (i.e. the side you're going to slip your comforter into) will need grommets. Sew them in and then run a ribbon through them to seal the deal.

7. Go Full

Have a queen sized bed? Then save money by purchasing a full flat sheet as opposed to a queen flat. This will cost you less, and a full sheet won't leave material lounging over the bed when it's made.

8. Flannel Facts

Flannel shrinks, so if you are planning to purchase flannel sheets, you'll want to look for the 'pre-shrunk' designation. Otherwise, your brand new sheet will end up being too small for your bed, and you'll just have to buy another.

9. The Sham Show

Have a sham you want to fill out beautifully without breaking the bank? Just buy an affordable queen-size pillow and shove it in your sham. Presto! Full-bodied beauty on a budget.

10. DIY Decorative Pillows

If you can sew a straight line, you can make your own decorative pillows. Buying these pillows for your bed can cost upwards of $50 each, but you can make one for less than a couple dollars.

Either go to your local fabric store or make a pillow from a treasured (but unusable) item of clothing or drapery. Cut two squares of the desired size, then sew them together with the right sides facing in (so you are sewing inside out.) Leave a small gap in the seam — about 2-3 inches — and turn the pillow right-side-out through this hole. Now, fill the pillow with some stuffing, and sew the gap shut. Voila! You've got the perfect decorative pillow!

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